What’s Like Living in Washington State

If you find yourself visiting Washington State, you’ll stumble upon the wonders of Washington State.

  • Rain: Washingtonians experience the average of 27.7 inches of rain per year. It will rain any time of the year. There’s always a chance of unpredictable rain. Sometimes we have those days when it is sunny in the morning and rain heavily in the afternoon. Once I saw heavy rain, bright sunlight, mild rain, and then cloudy within 10 to 15 minutes! So we constantly watch the weather.
  • Snow: There are times when we don’t get snow and there are times when we do get snow. When we do get the snow, of course, you have to bundle up just in case.
  • People are actually really nice: I live in Bellevue where I’ve met so many nice people. The sense of community in this city shows that there’s a chance that people can do good deeds. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you will feel the sense of community here somehow. Not only people from Bellevue but also with people from ¬†Seattle, Issaquah, Redmond, Kent, Newcastle, and Sammamish area are also nice. There’s always a chance for you to meet a very nice person anywhere in the state. All you have to do is to look for it.
  • Mild weather: Not matter how crazy the weather is here. It’s typically mild. You don’t often hear from the news about the severity of weather here. So you like mild weather then come to Washington State.
  • Nature: There are so many beautiful nature setting here–from mountains to woods. There are always a trail to walk, if you feel like you need some peace. But, of course, you need to be careful because you might run into a bear.
  • Local government: The local government isn’t that bad, even people in Seattle cares about how their local government functions. Of course, it really depends on the city/town.
  • Diversity: You will see more diversity in the Puget Sound area then any part of Washington State. Even though there are 63% of whites in Seattle, you may notice how acceptive people are to each other, no matter how we look like.