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Social Media: The Large Scale Bipolar Disorder

The Electronic Debate


meanwhile-on-instagram Proper dinner etiquette of 2014.

Chances are if you’re an integrated person in today’s society, you’ve participated in social media. Most of us who use social media go through a routine of things we do online that usually cause no harm and are relatively docile or even advantageous to others. You post a picture you took of yourself in the bathroom on Facebook, then post a picture of your food on Instagram and finally go to YouTube to watch a cat video. Life is good. Social media is good. People get to see what you just ate, and you can watch cats do stupid things. You must be thinking “Why is this guy claiming that social media has a mental disorder?” Well every activity that was noted above makes up, what I believe to be, the “positive mood” of social media. The media usually portrays social media in a…

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Feel Your Emotions

Everyone has the right to feel anything because they are human.

Musings From a Ragged Soul

Why do we try so hard not to feel? Feelings are real. They are meant to be felt. It frustrates me that people are told that their feelings are not legitimate. That they should hide their feelings. That they feel too much. There is no such thing as feeling too much. Feelings are yours to be felt. If your feelings are intense, they are just that – intense. They are probably intense because you are going through something heavy and serious. We’ve all had traumas in our lives, things that move us to tears. Or maybe things that should move us to tears, but instead we have buried those feelings because we think we don’t have the right to be upset. Maybe there is even a bit of shame associated with your feelings. By blocking them, you only make them come out in other destructive ways.You beat yourself up. You…

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Label Fail

Let’s stop labeling and start understanding each other.

Musings From a Ragged Soul

I see some pretty ridiculous things on the internet. Two things struck me today:

1) someone claimed it was trendy to be bipolar. Yay! I’m super hip 🙂

2) someone with bipolar tweeted something along the lines of – live the life of your dreams, but take into account that you’re bipolar. Wow. That is some lame shit.

I guess these two things stuck out to me because they both point out how silly labels are and just how much these labels can affect someone and how they perceive themselves. Being labeled bipolar kind of sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a label. Doctors and society at large use these labels because it’s easier to stick people into buckets in order to understand them better. In the long run, this makes it more difficult to understand people on an individual level, but if you’re just…

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Be You

I will be weird! ^_^

Musings From a Ragged Soul

There is nothing wrong with you. You are a beautiful soul. There is nothing more beautiful or deserving of life’s gifts than you. Forget what society has told you. Maybe your parents or your doctor, or maybe even your spouse has told you that there is something wrong with you. You speak out of turn. You are rude. You don’t act like the other children. You don’t pay attention like you should. You’re a piece of shit. Forget them. They have their own issues to face. We all do. Don’t let their judgement destroy you. This is your life. Your story. You are an amazing being, unique and special. Like no other. Maybe there are things about you that other’s have deemed “less desirable” – that is because they are idiots. The things about you that are the most out of place, the most unique – those qualities are YOU…

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