Category: Random Thought

Should I? 

I have been thinking about this every since I have this job. Should I tell my coworkers and my boss about my mental illness? 

I never told anyone about it because people always treat me differently. I just want to treated like anyone else, no special treatments. 

If I do decide to tell them, what should I say? 


Oh boy.

I think I might be obsessive with medical dramas because I’m binge watched Grey’s Anatomy and now House. By the way, House can be such a jerk but brilliant, as we all know who watched the series. Right now I’m on the third season finale. I wonder what will happen on season 4. Let’s see!

Today is a …

Weird day because I feel more alive than before. I feel like I can run two miles if I want to or something like that. I had this terrible headache and now it’s gone. Now I feel better. Now I want to go outside and socialize with other people. Whoa. What happened to me?!

Self Pity

Self pity never helps. I know that for the fact because I do that everyday and it never helps me to get through my problems. In the end, you become depressed and annoyed because you feel like you are going nowhere. Sometimes that is all you can do because there’s nothing else to do but pity yourself. There are days when you feel like you are nothing to the world. No meaning. It’s like you are just taking up space in this world.

The only advice I can give you is to go after what you want before it is too late.

Who Deserves the Voice?

The loudest person in the room? The commoners? The popular people? The underdogs? Those who finally stands up for themselves? Who?!

We like to think that everyone has a voice. So we can be heard no matter the odds. But the odds are against us if they don’t agree with what we are saying then our voice is stripped away as if it’s nothing. As if it doesn’t matter.

We think that if the government has total control then no one has a voice. However, in many Western countries, if the people do nothing then the government is slowly taking our voice. Unlike China and United States, people in China have strong beliefs of the Chinese values whether they disagree with their government. In United States, people have the option to speak up but if someone says something that do not agree with the common values then they are ridiculed or pretend they are not there.

All of us have the voice. Sometimes we don’t use it wisely. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we don’t want to use it because we are scared of social rejection. Just sometimes.

I’m thinking about getting a tattoo.

Obviously getting a tattoo is no joke so I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo since high school. Since high school, I have been researching a lot about tattoos.

I thought about the design of my tattoo a lot more because I didn’t know what kind of design I would like on my body. By now I know I want something simple and meaningful. I even developed some designs too.