Category: Poetry


Let’s talk about money.

Yes, I know.

It’s annoying little thing.

This piece of paper that controls every aspects of our lives.

Sometimes I think living life as hunters and gatherers would be simpler lives.

I wish it still can be like that.

However, we still can choose.

What if we can create our own system of money?

Would that be exciting?

If you can create a new money system, what would it be?

The same old trading goods?

Go on.


Let your mind ponder something extraordinary.


Outer Space

Look out in the dark sky.

What do you see?


Oh the clusters of stars.

I must admit that I wish I can see the comet.

Do you wonder what’s out there?

I see the possible impossibilities.

The things that are scary and beautiful.

Isn’t that exciting?

I think so.

If only we all can travel up to space and see our home.

I would love see my home in a new way.

If the Doctor exist then I hope he would give me a chance to see it.

Would you?

I’m trash

I’m a piece of trash that you ignore.

Something you look away as if I’m a terrible thing to look at.

An abomination that shouldn’t exist.

People put people like me at Asylums in the past, including today.

They are ashamed of me.

They say that I am nothing.

Might be true,

But you are not God.

You can’t choose who should exist on your behalf.

You have no control.

You may influence me

And the way I feel,

But you can tell me who I am.

Now piss off and let me be.

Hello there

Sometimes I wonder why are you still here.

Do you care?

Do you really want to know?

Are you pretending like the rest of us?

Is there anything you wish to say?

I’m here.

Standing right here.

Waiting for your response.

I’m trying to be patient.

Yet I’m starting to feel agitated.

Then I become lost.

Where am I?

Now I’m gone.

The Beauty of Books

The endless shelves filled with books.

Your index finger touching on the end side of the book.

Reading the titles.

You can feel the smoothness of the book’s texture.

Suddenly you find the title you are looking for.

As you put your finger on the edge of the book,

you slowly pull the book out.

While you are holding your book in front of you,

you focus on the front book design.

As you flip the book,

you can smell the scent of the book.

You embrace every scent from it while closing your eyes with smiling.

This is what makes books beautiful.