Month: June 2016


Home Away from Home

I don’t belong here. I never have so why bother be here?! My parents always say that I’m the huge disappointment to the family. Like seriously, they do say things like that. I hate how a typical Asian parents are always go to the extreme. I want to move somewhere to build my own life. That would be nice.

Always Finding Something More

I’m tired of this feeling.

The emptiness.

The depression.

The loneliness.

The nothing.

Yet, …

I hear those voices.

People trying to shout something.

What are they saying?

“Keep fighting!”

“Always have hope!”

“You can do it!”

Then I look up to the sky.

They say, “The sky is the limit.”

I think, the sky have full of adventures.

The adventures I want to venture.

If I keep going forward then I know I will find what I’m looking for.