Month: October 2015

I’m here.

Hi everyone! Don’t worry. I’m still alive. I’ve been busy with work and school that I haven’t posted anything on this for awhile now. What changed since then? Well I dropped out two of my classes, which is media and fiction writing. I decided to drop out of those two classes because I wanted to do well in my German language class. Since it’s a morning class, I have a hard time paying attention to the materials but I’ve been trying to get myself more awake though. The grammar is tricky in German which is one of the main reasons why I dropped out my other two classes. Work is not bad. However, I sometimes feel depressed every once in awhile. Once I’m depressed, I’m depressed. I just hope it doesn’t affect too much on my job performance.

Finally, everything is pretty good. I’m working where I love and learning something new everyday. So everything is better than last year. Although, my motivation for writing had been dry since I started working. I’m worried about it because writing is the only thing that gave me passion into something.


Two weeks in

The first two weeks of school including work was decent. I guess. I’m starting to learn about German grammar. I must admit that I’m confused on grammar than English grammar. Oh boy. I have a feeling I might suffer in that class. So I’m assuming I might get at least a B in that class.

For some reason I’m starting to feel depressed this week. My work starts tomorrow so I hope it won’t affect my job performance. Although, it had been affecting my school performance lately. I hope it won’t too much to the point that I can’t function well enough for school or else I have to switch to another degree.