Month: July 2015

Today is a …

Weird day because I feel more alive than before. I feel like I can run two miles if I want to or something like that. I had this terrible headache and now it’s gone. Now I feel better. Now I want to go outside and socialize with other people. Whoa. What happened to me?!

I want to travel.

I want to travel everywhere in the world. I want to see and explore what makes us amazing. I want to know something that most people don’t. I want to completely embrace the culture I’m traveling to without exceptions.

Without a doubt, traveling helps us to view the world more differently. Traveling helps us to better understand ourselves and others. Become more well-rounded.

I just want to see something new and meet people. I think I want to apply to AmeriCorps.

Self Pity

Self pity¬†never helps. I know that for the fact because I do that everyday and it never helps me to get through my problems. In the end, you become depressed and annoyed because you feel like you are going nowhere. Sometimes that is all you can do because there’s nothing else to do but pity yourself. There are days when you feel like you are nothing to the world. No meaning. It’s like you are just taking up space in this world.

The only advice I can give you is to go after what you want before it is too late.