Month: May 2015


I am doing a project for my technical writing class about writing/editing internships. So if you happen to applied or will apply to writing/editing related internships then please answer these 5 simple questions. Thank you!


I need your help!

Hi everyone! I need your help for my class project. I need to collect responses for my survey from people who wants or already as a career in writing/editing field. Here is the provided link of the survey. Thanks a bunch!

So many things going on.

I feel like my brain is going to explode. I’m somewhat overwhelmed. I have a lot of research for this quarter. I keep questioning my abilities. I cannot stop thinking. I keep thinking about the possibilities.

I need some fun this weekend before I do something I will hate myself.

Hard not to be busy

Isn’t this the common saying these days? Always having something to do like studying for exams, taking care of the kids, doing your job, etc. There is always something to do everyday. For some, they are good at being busy and some are just lazy. 

These days, competition is fierce than ever before. We are always trying to keep afloat before being dragged by the waves. And before taking off the course.

Always finding something to do sometimes makes us feel like we matter but what we do always dictact how we feel in the inside. Do you feel empty? Do you feel emotionally fulfilled? What do you feel?

All we know is to keep going forward and have faith in ourselves. So we can feel some comfort that it is our destiny. Our choice and no one else’s. Always telling ourselves that we are in charge. There is this one question that stops our track. Can I really do it? We always forget our potential because self doubt is a common habit for all of us.

Always know who you are while reminding yourself what you can do for yourself and others.