Month: March 2015

Disney is Making a Live-Action ‘Mulan’

Mulan is my number one favorite disney characters when I was growing up so I’m very excited for the live-action version of this movie. I hope the writers will find the balance with the mythological and disney version of the story of Hua Mulan.

Again, I can’t wait to see the movie!

Jon Negroni

mulan live-actionFrom THR:

Disney bought a script by writing team Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek that centers on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, the female warrior who was the main character in Disney’s 1998 animated film.

I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. On the one hand, Mulan is certainly a great story that would be served well on the big screen as a live-action adaption.

On the other hand, this will likely be closer to the Disney version of Mulan, which is a story that is completely removed from live-action Disney remakes we’ve seen so far. It’s one thing to make a live-action Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent. It’s another to move away from fairy tale movies and make something that is as historical as it is mythology.

It’s risky, but I would be enthralled if it turned out well. More so than anything…

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I’m completely DONE with final exams!

Technically I’m done with Winter quarter’s finals, but you guys know what I mean.

Since finals week was the reason why I was silent, I will blog more again with random posts from now till near the finals week again and again and again and you get the point. So stay tune for more!

I can finally spring clean my entire room again, read books, watch movies and tv series, play with my dog more, and catch up the materials for classes! Finally catching up with friends more. Whoo hoo!