Month: January 2015

I just visited Snoqualmie Falls today.

It was absolutely magnificent! I can still hear the waterfall in my mind, if I try to remember. The sounds of water always so calming to me. Today was sunny and cold day.


Today was a busy day too, judging from this picture.




These are my favorite pictures I’ve taken today. Look how the sunlight shines against the water.


I always wanted to visit Colorado.

I want to visit Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. I’ve heard the cities are beautiful. I would love to climb its mountains. I would love to see its nature. I would love to ski down its mountains. I want to embrace the state’s beauty as I did with Washington state.

Possible Crazy Thought

Sometimes I think I need to move out from my parents house and live on my own. Maybe I can or cannot. I only thought of it because I don’t know how to take care of myself on my own. All I know is that I need to live in a environment that I can flourish. Maybe that is naive. Maybe it is a foolish thought. I don’t know anymore because I feel so overwhelmed by my research about everything I need to know. In a way, I need someone’s help to organize my thoughts before I do something reckless.