Month: December 2014

“Marco Polo” is brilliant!

I’m way into the TV series. I’m impressed with the writing and the performance from the actors and actresses. The actors and actresses really know how to capture the historical figures’ essence. The screenwriters had done an excellent job of showcasing the character’s strengths and weaknesses. The filmmakers are really good at pointing the camera in a right angle to showcase drama in the history. The writers obviously did their research about the history. All I can say about “Marco Polo” is just brilliant!! Keep up the excellent work Netflix!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Yesterday my family went to Leavenworth, which is a lovely, small town in Washington state. I bought myself a cool looking notebook! 


I love it! 

Although I do wish that my legs didn’t bother me to go out to the mountains to pay with the snow. 

Peace and love everyone!

How many scholarships should you apply for?

I have been thinking about that question since I started researching for scholarships last night. I remember a friend of mine told me that applying at least 12 scholarships at the same time is better to increase a chance to win a scholarship. However, it seems overwhelming to keep track of every scholarship you are applying. So now I’m applying to few (4 to 5) scholarships at the same time. I found a couple of poetry scholarships that I think I will do great on, hopefully.

So what you do think? Is applying 12 scholarships at the same time overwhelming? Is applying few scholarships at the same time is a better option?

I found couple of helpful sites to get scholarships and internships: Fastweb and

Am I manic or insomniac?

I did not sleep at all last night because there was too many thoughts that are going around my mind. I keep thinking about my academic plans, scholarships, financial security, career opportunities, college, and classes. I feel like there are so many things to think about that I can’t go to sleep until I finish it. I started applying to some scholarships–most are writing related. That may sound productive but I wonder if it means that I’m being manic or being insomniac? I’ve been not sleeping every once in a while during the break and I cannot stop.

Oh! I also did some research about genetics major in the United States because I have been considering it lately. Apparently, there are few genetics undergraduate major in the United States, unless I major it at one of the European or Canadian universities. So the major that is related to genetics is molecular genetics/biology. Anyway! I got off track again.

Quite frankly, I feel overwhelmed. I’m not sure how I will handle it. I must admit that I feel like giving up and settling a minimum-wage job, but I know that I deserve better than that.

Any words of constructive criticism or wisdom?