Month: September 2014

Am I Unlikable?

I don’t want to talk to people right now. I pretend that I don’t acknowledge your existence. I keep my distance from other people. I don’t look at you eye to eye. If someone says hi or good morning, afternoon, or evening I awkwardly reply back. Does these actions say that I am unlikable? I’m asking this question because I keep having these awkward moments with people today. I must admit that I’m socially awkward and not much of a talker. So what am I suppose to do about this?


Second day of school.

Hello everyone! I’m finally attending college again. It is a second day of school since spring season. So far so good. I have to do some simple quizzes, readings, class discussions (both online and in class), and studying to do. Biology class is going to be difficult but I will try to get a B on it.

Am I the only one who misses a flip phones?

This probably sounds odd for some people who love their smartphone. Quite frankly, I’m starting to miss of having a flip phone. I miss flipping the phone to see who called me. Maybe I just miss the good old days in the 90s. I’m a 90s kid who still loves watching those good old 90s shows like The Third Rock from the Sun and Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series. Don’t get me wrong. I love to use my smartphone to read  news and use the personalized keyboards. However, I don’t always use my phone all the time so sometimes it is not worth it.