Month: August 2014

When someone says, “School” then I will think …

Finally! I can get my brain busy with schoolwork. At the same time, I’m depressed because every time I don’t do well on certain assignments I get depressed. The truth is I get depressed quite easily when it comes to schoolwork because if I don’t do well on a simple quiz or assignment I keep thinking to myself that I’m not smart enough. (I have a tendency of doubting my own level of intelligence. Isn’t that comforting.)

I sometimes think that I should plan to runaway from my parents’ house.

And never coming back. I’m getting more and more annoyed at my parents everyday. I don’t want to listen to them. They keep accusing me. They won’t believe in me. They keep ignoring me. They only think about money. I understand that money is tight right now but is it really necessary to take it out on me. I’m tired of my parents’ comments on my depression. No I can’t over it because it is not that simple! I have mood swings damn it! For once can they just understand what it is like living with Depression with parents who don’t understand.

I’m so tired of my parents accusing me for everything!

Every time they notice something “suspicious” in the house, they always turn on me as if I’m the person they should blame. They always blame me instead of considering they may have done it and not remembering it. I’m so tired of my parents keep accusing me for everything in the house. Like the time they discovered a weird odor and color from the downstairs bathroom in the morning. They kept yelling and accusing me for letting someone in at nighttime. For goodness sake! I was asleep the whole time! And they won’t believe me! I’m so fucking tired of my parents’ accusations!