Month: July 2014

The Beauty of Books

The endless shelves filled with books.

Your index finger touching on the end side of the book.

Reading the titles.

You can feel the smoothness of the book’s texture.

Suddenly you find the title you are looking for.

As you put your finger on the edge of the book,

you slowly pull the book out.

While you are holding your book in front of you,

you focus on the front book design.

As you flip the book,

you can smell the scent of the book.

You embrace every scent from it while closing your eyes with smiling.

This is what makes books beautiful.



A place where you belong.

Where you are accepted.

Where you are loved.

Where your heart wants.

Where your soul is content and happy.

Where you know you belong.

Where you and your loved ones have a place to share and create stories.

Where you are proud to call it home.