Month: April 2014

Rethinking My Summer Plans

What I know I want to do this summer is that I want to do something both active and social setting. Maybe I should get a part-time job instead of going to a summer program. I’m actually looking for a part-time job right now near Bellevue/Redmond/Seattle/Issaquah area. I hope for the best! This way I can save money and create financial goals for myself without relying on my parents too often.

The other side of fear

Cristian Mihai

fear“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”Jack Canfield

Let me tell you about fear. It’s poison. It’s poison for your mind. It makes you lose control, it makes you freeze, it makes you take the wrong decision. When you let fear take over, you’re just an echo of your former self. An empty shadow and nothing more.

But we’re all afraid, aren’t we? Even the brave are afraid. There’s no such thing as fearless. There’s always something to be afraid of. What will happen, what might happen, what we might lose, what we might never gain.

So… what is there to be had on the other side of fear?

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